Vineyard Songs

Vineyard Music is always on the lookout for new songs as they emerge from within local Vineyard churches. Our Song Submission program is in place to provide an avenue by which these powerful local songs can find a larger voice. If you are currently an active member of a Vineyard church or small group, please read the following submission information.

Submission Information

  1. We are looking for songs that are congregational and/or devotional in nature (Songs that are working on the local level)
  2. Piano/vocal or guitar/vocal demos are encouraged for submission.
  3. Songs submitted need to be in mp3 format with an accompanying chord or lyric sheet.
  4. Please send mp3s of no more than 10MB in size and only one per email message.
  5. Please include a letter of recommendation from your pastor as a pdf or text attachment
  6. Submissions and any questions can be directed here: